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Eduards Aivars

Eduards Aivars

Wim Wenders Motif

Angel, it seems you're unable
To feel how bones walking crack
You'd like to take pleasure in
                              some silhouette
You can stand beside a reader
In a public library and let him
Wallow in illusions about his soul
Something that is only half-human
Suddenly to leap on a roof or spire —
The dream of many children bores you
Angel, I know you crave potatoes
With cottage cheese and herring
You want your mother to scream at you
When you don't come home on time
Even I want this!

(from I passedEs pagāju, 2001 )

The rider plucks apples with both hands
Without dismounting his horse
Lightning squalls and the rider falls
There was a black cloud behind the mountain
Why didn't he notice!

(from Summer SnowVasaras sniegs, 1999)

Translated by Margita Gailitis

* * *

A tiger follows Mahatma Gandhi
No, he is not hungry
He is Gandhi's follower.

(from The Landscape ScreamsAinava kliedz, 1996, p. 33)

* * *

Long since I have wandered thus.
A colorless scentless hour.
Rain. It's dark and I don't understand
If this woman who enters my eyes
Is moving away or coming closer
Coming closer or moving away.

(from Ainava kliedzThe Landscape Screams 1996, p. 87)

Translated by Jānis Elsbergs