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by Colleen Ryor, Editor

The Adirondack Review is an independent on-line literary quarterly dedicated to publishing quality poetry, fiction, artwork, and photography. We also publish French and German translations and original poetry. TAR was established in the spring of 2000, with its first issue appearing that summer.

We seek to provide our readers with engaging, original work that offers them a view into another human being's soul, if only for a brief moment. Our only requirement is excellence. Some poets whose work has appeared in The Adirondack Review include Lee Upton, Walt McDonald, Lola Haskins, Michael Waters, D.C. Berry, Chase Twichell, Ilya Kaminsky, Ian Randall Wilson, Natasha SajÚ, Edward Byrne, Patrica Fargnoli, Marianne Poloskey, Tom Chandler, and others. Although we continue to publish established and emerging writers, we are very open to unpublished poets and writers of short stories. It is always a thrill to discover and encourage new talent.

A unique feature of Adirondack is that issues are published as they come together; i.e., readers can watch the issue unfold as new work is accepted and published by clicking on the evolving issue link on the cover page. The current issue retains its status until the evolving issue has been completed, either by having had what the editor(s) feel is an appropriate amount of content for that particular issue, and/or we have reached the date of the respective equinox or solstice that the quarterly issue falls on (or near, as the case has sometimes been).

Each issue includes a featured poet, sometimes with an interview. The poets are chosen by the editorial staff; we do not normally consider applications for featured poet. We also publish the popular book review column by Associate Editor Ace Boggess.

We recently began an internship program, after a Columbia MFA student took on fiction editorial duties for us during her summer break to fill a need last year. We are in the process of hiring a graduate student for fiction this fall, but there are still several other positions open in both poetry and fiction. Undergraduate students are also welcome to apply. Our readership is growing daily; we invite you to join us.

Colleen Ryor, Editor