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The Drunken Boat's first issue appeared online in April, 2000 and publishes poetry, translations of poetry, reviews of poetry collections and anthologies, interviews with well-known poets or publishers, email discussions with editors and poets. The magazine also carries features of various poetry presses and magazines, usually written by their respective editors.

After a hiatus, the magazine will again appear bi-annually in 2011.

If you need to contact us for reprint permission, it should be noted that we ask for only first North American electronic rights for our publication, so if you are a previous contributor, you may publish the work in other venues without requesting our permission.

If you do need to contact the editors, email

All material in The Drunken Boat is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission. Copyright ©2000. ISSN 1530-7646 All rights reserved. The Drunken Boat is owned and operated by Rebecca Seiferle.