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Sueyeun Juliette Lee

by Sueyeun Juliette Lee

Nicolas DeBoer

with contributing author Nicholas DeBoer







That with music loud and long

I would build that dome in air,

That sunny dome! those caves of ice!

And all who heard should see them there,

And all should cry, Beware! Beware!


                                                                                                --Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “Kubla Khan”






The space of desire,

a destiny modulation


            like a pinprick

            appleblossom on a breeze


enforces a predilection for

what declines or is on the wane


                        ((last aboriginal blooms of the sun-kissed kashmir



















The outside and in

now submerged into a tectonic relation--

what is seen and not, transmitted

or held closely in private, a dream


                        ((where contraries and contradictions are disregarded


I can pay you to observe me in my throes.
















De Boer photo
















Enter the sensorama, powered by

FutureYuan, trade commodity of virtuality in stereoscopic 3D!



“technology is so tethered to our lives

            that it can leave a more specific and

       lasting imprint of a human life

                   than history has ever allowed before”



the naked city

       a     constant    “new     babylon”








                                    zener waves
















Qiu Chengwei stabbed Zhu Caoyuan in the chest

when he found out he had sold his virtual sword



                        <7,200 Yuan (473)>



Memories from his detention at Jixi

re-education-through-labour camp in

Heilongjiang province still haunt Liu.

As well as backbreaking mining toil,

he carved chopsticks, toothpicks out of

planks of wood

assembled car seat covers

memorized communist literature to

pay off his debt to society.

By night, he was forced to slay demons,

battle goblins and cast spells



                        “we kept playing until we could barely see things”
















The scarcity of the virtual resource of time,

when novelty stands for value--

to refute, tally the things gathered

to preclude their circulation


            paper flowers and their folds

            memory of the wind whipping over the sea

            a prisoner’s garment

            noblesse of the rehabilitated mind


gulag as space for disciplined productivity
















And the terms for the ordeal,

like speakeasies in the despotic corners of the

trigram omniverse--they unfold as

a negated banality in narration, its designs.

So many syntactic structures blown away by

continuously transforming global currencies--

      from won, to bento, to dragoon to coral smear



                  ((nearly 1.2bn of make-believe
















De Boer photo
















            roman a clef


                                                a sense of absence

                                                riven into time


                                                prescient liminality      love


                                                the weight of fiber-optic silk

                                                syncs our speech




Why is there such enmity between strangers?
















The desert. How it magnifies--


                        heat as bondage

                                    stark quality        night


                                         blind moon



(blight a towering hesitation the earth that is

(toward the ache, slip of fingerbone left there
















“The system accurately seizes on the weaknesses of human nature as it calls on gamers to give free reign to depravity in a virtual world that violates the norms of the real world. It gives to those that wage war the power of indiscriminate killing, and it bestows on killers the rewards of increased experience. And the system makes note of your decapitation record. That series of numbers is the height of glory, like an Indian warrior’s string of scalps, while all that the dead gain is disgrace.”




                                                                        incomplete hand prints

                                                                        cut frames       the well


                                                                                    these    our    source codes

                                                                                                mull over the

                                                                                                translation ruins
















De Boer photo
















You don’t have any security. Maybe you should take an escort.


The “pastoral region” once straddling the borderlands of the dissolved nations of Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia finally succumbed to the destructive cycles of flash flood and drought. Where countless generations had depended upon shepherding as the primary means for support, cattle no longer serve as the means to attain security, wealth, or power. As conditions worsened, the cattle raids grew more frequent and fierce--even as the number of cattle in the region diminished. In time, cattle was no longer a consideration: young men began to raid for glory, honor, and--most importantly--revenge.
















            *** may be PrimeDot’s most successful launch yet. The company seems to have completely rethought its strategy on how *** should look and feel, and the results are nothing if not striking. Instead of hewing to the curved, bezeled look, the company has turned the casing and face of  *** into something decidedly more detailed and sophisticated. The materials feel good -- premium -- in your hands.




what is the mechanism of “free trade” by which

a person is allowed to have a certain individuality





                                                                                                            the mesh,  loose

                                                                                                            render a people

                                                                                                            out of desire


                                                                                                            an experiment of the self:
















Though she has invested tens of

thousands of yuan in the game,

she has suffered defeat after defeat

due to the fact that others are

more willing to spend, and

to spend much more money than she.
















De Boer photo
















                                                                                                shall i be savage when the banks

                                                                                    crumble in the dust of this world



            made extravagance & strong










((The system loves war
















museums of glass cases



                                                bicameral tension

                                                coin silver/purple under eyelids

                                                boil there

                                                cum lit a gamma-ray pop in em


                                                vox memo records a blank slide

                                                projected face down huffing sand

                                                            out sides of my mouth


















This piece was originally composed as part of a collaborative project on aberrant futures, written with contributions from Nicholas DeBoer and constructed with Cara Benson, Rachel Levitsky, and Dana Teen Lomax. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.


All photos are by Nicholas DeBoer.


Because this text borrows extensively, with minimal edits, we would like to credit our sources.


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