Contributor Notes

Annie guthrie

Annie Guthrie

From: the good dark







and the others fussing, burying the sound

they too are waiting      

                                                            c      a          w

the con the cave

that begs an entrance


closes up over


the unsolveable echo

the pitch to capture











what abyss our skinny body


& from wonder springs


collecting edges

of selves in laws


(thought skipping rocks)


mind the road

that rounds the banks,


keeps out pebblers












put too many coins in gd 

it doesn’t play, and


then, if, still, or even

unplucked from the hook, and hung .


get me down, I’m upside down

trying the will,


riding it:


bones tell too much of life

to skin












behind all faces all bone.

saw in one moment an eye open

enough to soften my gaze.  in there, dare


weigh nothing.












belief in nothing collecting.

the lateness of hours,


sun in sea setting

light as face.  reflecting,


I counted truth for my life, recanted,

finding a sameness in things.


the body took the blame

for the deeds of the mind.


it was this kind of human