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Fall/Winter 2006 Vol.6 Issues III-IV

The poet must be generous. Trying not to lose even a moment of your supposed talent is like trying not to lose a cent of the interest of the small principal given you. Poetry is not a bank. It is the antithesis, precisely. If a text can be shared, so much the better. If not, it's alright. What must be practiced — assiduously, infinitely, and without the slightest pause — is antiservitude, noncompliance, and independence. Poetry is the other face of Pride.”
Odysseas Elytis, Open Papers (selections in Eros, Eros, Eros)

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Slovenian Feature

Stanka Hrastelj
Josip Osti
Lucija Stupica
Aleš Šteger
Barbara Korun
Gregor Podlogar Peter Semolič


Theo Dorgan
Evald Flisar
Ana Jelnikar
Martha Kosir-Widenbauer
Kelly Lenox
Tom Ložar
Janko Lozar
Peter Richards
Ana Rostohar
Laura Solomon
Anne Talvaz
J.C. Todd
Andrew Wachtel

From Canada

Neil Aitken
Cathy Stonehouse

From Japan

from the Japanese Imperial Anthologies, translated by Stephen Miller and Patrick Donnelly

From the U.S.

Kazim Ali
Keith Althaus
Tamiko Beyer
Amaranth Borsuk
Melanie Braverman
Olga Broumas
Melissa Buckheit
Wendy Burk
Kevin Coval
DeLana Dameron
Oliver de la Paz
Ann Marie Fine
Cameron K. Gearen
Suheir Hammad
Lilah Hegenauer
Tung-Hui Hu
Ruth Ellen Kocher
Joseph Legaspi
Rachel Lehrman
Genine Lentine
Dana Levin
Jon Pineda
Josh Rathkamp
Barbara Jane Reyes
Yael Shinar
Sam Taylor
TC Tolbert
Frank X Walker
Karen Whalley
Arisa White

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case sensitive
by Kate Greenstreet
Reviewed by Juliet Patterson

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The Quickening
“We have an obligation to get to know the poetry of our forbears, but we are here and now. Where are we going? It may be that part of the intensity of the debate or the alarm raised about some of this 21st Century Modernist poetry is a fear that we might lose something important on the way to the next poetry place. I imagine that's possible. We might leap right into free fall. We live in a time of fits and starts and yips and yelps. I'm not sure we're telling the truth as artists if we try to wrap that up too neatly. . .”
by Lillian Baker Kennedy

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Features in Previous Issues

Contemporary Chinese Poets

Featured Poet

Olga Broumas with Lily
Olga Broumas

from Opening Music and Theme Muscle

and Scraptals
by Olga Broumas

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Featured Sites


“is an interdisciplinary and international arts-collective. Our goal is to help artists expand their practices and their perspectives through artistic collaboration. We believe that by working together, we can overcome artistic, personal, cultural and intellectual boundaries.”
By Rachel Lehrman


Casa Libre en la Solana

“ is the first year-round writer's residency center in the Southwest. . . It has been important to the staff and board from the beginning that Casa Libre's residencies are made available to a wide range of writers at every level of career development. We host MFA students, academics who are working on dissertations or scholarly papers, poets, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, self-published writers, free-lance writers, or talented writers who have never been published. ”
By Ann Marie Fine

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Translation Feature

“Since the political reality was not to be questioned, it was only possible to talk about it through symbolic spaces (with the help of ancient myths, etc.). The search for poetic freedom became the nucleus of the ultra-modern poetic engagement that searched for the word beyond every implication, since every meaning is necessarily ideological.”
By Robert Titan Felix, translated by Martha Kosir-Widenbauer

Contemporary Slovenian Poetry
Co-edited by Lucija Stupica and J.C. Todd

Josip Osti

by Josip Osti
Translated by Evald Flisar

Ales Steger
Protuberances : A Chapbook
by Aleš Šteger
Translated by Evald Flisar, Peter Richards, Andrew Wachtel, Janko Lozar, Tom Ložar, Ana Jelnikar and Anne Talvaz

Lucija Stupica
Beautiful Losers and Other Poems
by Lucija Stupica
Translated by Janko Lozar, Ana Jelnikar, Martha Kosir-Widenbauer and J.C. Todd


Kazim Ali

River Road

by Kazim Ali

Amaranth Borsuk
Natural Frequencies
by Amaranth Borsuk

Patrick Donnelly
Mysteries of the Corn God and Other Poems

by Patrick Donnelly

by Lilah Hegnauer

Stephen Miller
Crossing the Ocean of Suffering
Eight Buddhist Poems from the Japanese Imperial Anthologies
translated by Stephen Miller and Patrick Donnelly

Anna Moschovakis


by Anna Moschovakis

Barbara Jane Reyes
from Diwata
by Barbara Jane Reyes

Cathy Stonehouse
Excerpts from 35: An Autobiography
by Cathy Stonehouse

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